An Introduction

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I would never write at all”.

This is the first time I am ever writing a blog or an article meant for the public domain, so you might forgive me for not being rather verbose and articulate in my expression.

Let me introduce myself. I am Adil Lari, a 23 year old finance graduate from the city of joy, Calcutta, and no, I am not a photographer, foodie, or  adrenaline junkie- I am the average Joe, who loves to read books and hang out with friends. You might wonder why is this bloke writing a blog, if he is not going to conform to the norm of gaining popularity by posting about lip smacking food or if he is not going to brag about his recent bungee jumping trip. You see, even I have no idea why I am writing this blog – a good friend of mine had suggested that I start writing a blog, and I don’t know why, but I decided to heed his advice only six months after he had told me to. the eternal question that was irritating me , what the hell should I write about?? I am no finance guru, or cook par excellence or even a good writer. but today, while taking an afternoon siesta and staring at the beautiful white ceiling of my house, it just clicked – I should write about ……. NOTHING……. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know you might be disgusted by the fact that you just spent the last few minutes of your precious internet time on reading the introduction for a blog which will write about NOTHING, but I would ask you to bear with me, and please let me explain.
By nothing I mean that I will be writing about any topic which I feel I would like to share with you. this may be the summary of a book I recently read, or my opinion on a recent geopolitical situation or a recent personal experience of mine. Although, since I am a finance geek, you might find more articles on  finance and investing. I recently got hooked to the world of value investing and you might find more articles on this topic. i really do hope you like my blog, although i will not make any outright effort to make this blog more likeable – as in do not expect this blog to be the toast of the internet, or the topic for one of your office gossips. I invite all my readers to please comment on my blogs, and also share their views, experiences etc. This blog is a a way in which I can enrich myself, in terms of knowledge as well as opinions from my fellow readers.
CAUTION: Do not expect frequent end of the day blogs. Please do remember I do belong to the city of Calcutta, which is renowned for its laziness. The city and its dwellers are known to religiously follow the afternoon siesta routine.

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